Booklet “Healthy Food for a Healthy Life. Nourishment Info and Recommendations“– a result of the second mobility in Romania and was coordinated by Romanian school. Part of the content is common work done by the students at home and during mobility in Romania.  A constant human interest from old times until present day is how to prolong life and the quality of life. The secret is not finding a magic portion but the food we choose to eat every day. Scientifically we can increase life expectance through the consumption of small food quantities; valuable food that should bring us an adequate nutrients value (carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamines and fibres), but most important thing is to develop healthy eating habits. In this booklet you will find:

  • Nutritionist’s recommendations „How to lose weight“
  • Students’ recommendations „How to live a healthy life“, based on initial research in each school
  • Information „Why choosing healthy food instead of fast-food / junk-food“
  • Information and recommendations „How to measure calories“ in the food we eat
  • Healthy European Recipes chosen by students for students

Translated versions: IT, ES, RO, TR, LT

Booklet „Traditional games to keep fit and healthy“– a result of the third mobility in Italy and was coordinated by Italian school. Active games are very valuable for the overall development of the students. They meet the student’s biological need to move, promote normal physical development: develop muscles and fundamental movement skills, harden the body. Most mobile games are played in groups therefore, inevitably, students learn to combine their own individual interests with the interests of all the players. It strengthens the mutual aid, faith, perseverance, honesty, discipline and other basic personal characteristics. Traditional active games develop students not only physically, but also culturally. When working with students, it is important to cultivate love for their culture and traditions and to introduce them to the culture and traditions of other countries. This publication presents traditional games from five countries (Lithuania, Italy, Spain, Romania and Turkey), which can be used in the educational process to encourage pupils to move more. The more active we live, the healthier we will be.

Translated versions: IT, ES, RO, TR, LT

A handbook „Obesity: causes, effects and prevention“– a result of the first mobility in Spain and was coordinated by Spanish school. During the mobility students were presenting their homework, then they participated in a forum and finally working in groups under supervision of teachers students finished this document. This result can be used as additional material in lessons when discussing problems and solutions with students on the topic of obesity.

Translated versions: IT, ES, RO, TR, LT

Brochure „Dos and don’ts to live a healthy life“– a result of the fourth mobility in Turkey and was coordinated by Lithuanian school. During the fourth mobility information from local researches „Healthy lifestyle habits“ was collected and discussed in groups of students. Conclusions were made and main information, what people should do and what to avoid in order living a healthy life, is presented in the brochure.


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