Five schools from five different countries were involved in the project:

LT school – Kretingos rajono švietimo centras – coordinator. Organization is medium sized: total number of students is 158, teachers – 23 and 33 other staff members. The school provides formal and nonformal education for youth and adults, which grants “second chance” possibility for adults without primary or secondary education and helps children and youngsters to return to the consistent learning system.

ES school – Ave Maria Varadero – partner. It is a primary and secondary school, located in Varadero–Motril, Granada – Spain. The school has 310 students and 23 teachers.

RO school – “Raluca Ripan” Technical College – partner. It is a Romanian public vocational school with a tradition of over 60 years in the training of specialists in Food Industry. The school has about 350 students between 14- 19 years old; 32 teachers; 8 auxiliary personnel and a headmaster.

TR scholl – Ozel Ege Bilim Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi – partner. The school is a health vocational school in Istanbul, Turkey. There are 410 students studying nursing and anaesthesia branches at school between the ages 15-18. There are 25 teachers from different branches and 4 administrative staff at school.

IT school – ipsiagalileogalilei – partner. It is a vocational school specializing in: Electronics, Electricity, Mechanics, Graphic Design and Advertising, Social Health Services and a course for Dental technicians. The school also has evening classes for adults. It has 125 teachers and 32 among administrative assistants and caretakers, 836 pupils.